A Creative Director, Fine Artist + International Award-Winning Tattooist.

In 2011, Elisheba became the first licensed black tattoo artist in Middle Tennessee and opened One Drop Ink Tattoo Parlour and Gallery in Nashville, TN with the aim of providing Ink for All. She has shown fine art at the Frist Art Museum and Fisk University’s Carl van Vechtern Gallery among others.

Elisheba is an active member of the community sponsoring charitable events, teaching art classes, supporting schools and other community building endeavors to support and grow the careers of artists of color and artists in underserved communities. Elisheba is now a part of an artistic team with her husband Aaron 'Exo:Dus' with an aim of tackling issues of race, the American identity, love and life and sparking conversations within ourselves to be better humans.

Culture Wraps is an idea that came to Elisheba a few years ago and spreading a love for the culture is what she set out to do!  She loves nothing more than to travel with her husband and two kids, create art and do sick, sweet tattys of dope black chicks.


A Creative Director, Fine Artist + Graphic Designer. 

With two decades of design experience in cities across the country, Mello landed back in her hometown, by way of D.C., Los Angeles and Brooklyn... luckily meeting Elisheba through a collaborative community mural they worked on together years ago in Nashville. Fresh off being recognized for her fine art in Nashville Arts Magazine, these two quickly realized they were both creative "do-ers" with the same mind for community.

 Mello stretches her creative muscles through a love of public art, seeking innovative ways to inspire, bring the community together and make movement through interactive art - whether it's painting or pop-up block printing.

 Growing up with a mix of cultural influences, she was taught to have an expansive world view by her adopted father who immigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan as a young adult. He made her read and report on local, national + international stories in the newspaper every day growing up, to teach her that the world doesn't revolve around your small perspective. A lesson that follows her closely every day, and one that underlines her excitment to join Elisheba in developing the Culture Wraps concept. (When not on the creative grind, Miss Mello is likely adventuring with her daughter, Marley.)